Dog/Cat Safety Restraints When Traveling By Car

The main concern raise when traveling in a car with your pet is the ever-present possibility of accidents. If your pet is not properly restrained in your vehicle and an accident occurs, the result could be serious injuries, or worse.

Two methods of restraint used for dogs:

  1. People who crate their dogs or use cat carriers at home often use them for travel, as well. As long as the container is well anchored inside the vehicle, the pet cannot be ejected from the car or thrown about inside of it, during an accident.  For extra protection against crash injury, add something to pad the inside walls of the crate.
  2. A variety of harness restraints are on the market for pets. These allow your pet to sit on the seat near you and look out the window. If you buy one of these "seat belts" or harnesses especially for a specific trip, be sure to start using it beforehand, to give your pet a chance to acclimate to the new restraint.

With either type of restraint, it's important to stop the car at least every 2 hours, to allow your pet a chance to stretch his legs and relieve himself.