Travel Survey Statistics

Travelers' Major Concerns

  • Terrorism
    67% of Americans said they are moderately to highly concerned over terrorism when traveling internationally, with 58% ranking terrorism as their first or second most serious worry. Terrorism ranked statistically higher for ages 45–64.
  • Quality of Law Enforcement
    65% of participants
  • Assaults or Muggings
    61% of participants
  • Kidnappings and Abductions on Foreign Soil
    40% of participants

Influence of Concerns over Travel Decisions

  • Nearly 60% say safety and security issues would influence their choice of international destination
  • 56% said health concerns would influence their destination planning
  • 81% of Americans said that access to 24 hour emergency travel assistance while traveling abroad was important or very important

The survey, conducted in May, 2009 by Synovate eNation on behalf of UStiA, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%.