Simple Habits To Help You Drive More Safely

Driver distraction is a major cause of accidents. Just a second or two of inattention is enough to prevent a driver from reacting to a potential danger. Here are some tips to help you focus:

Eating and drinking inside the car can cause accidents
Avoid sloppy sandwiches while driving. Use straws for cold drinks and carry coffee in a sealed container with a small opening that lets you sip without fear of splashing.

Stop the car when you need to use your cell phone
Conversation requires a certain amount of focus, which means you are focusing less on what's happening on the road.

When traveling with children and pets

  • Don't even try to load the DVD player or change CDs with one hand while driving. Just stop the car. Arrange for in-car activities for the kids before you begin driving
  • Bring soft playthings, like stuffed animals. They can't harm anyone if tossed around the car in an accident.
  • Provide your children with clear rules for behavior in the car. Explain the importance of avoiding accidents.
  • If a child has a tantrum or cries incessantly, pull over to the side of the road, or just learn to ignore it.