Tips for An Emergency Airplane Evacuation

  • Bring no possessions with you, no matter how important.
  • Keep your body low, to breathe the air closer to the floor.
  • Count the rows between you and the emergency exits before take-off. And remember that number, so you can move quickly to the nearest exit in an emergency.
  • If the plane is filled with smoke, follow the line of emergency lights embedded in the floor. They will lead you to the exit.
  • When you reach the evacuation slide, don't sit down on it. Remove your shoes if they have sharp edges or heels, place your arms across your chest and jump feet first. Keep elbows in and feet together.
  • Get off the slide immediately upon reaching the bottom. Move away to a safe distance from the airplane, and do not return to the airplane for any reason.
  • Avoid being hit accidentally by emergency vehicles. They will be moving fast, when they arrive at the sight, and may not see you amid the smoke and confusion