Tips to Reduce Holiday Travel Lost Luggage

Many people have been faced with the issue of lost loggage, especially during the busy holiday travel seasons.  Here are some tips that will hopefully decrease your chances of losing your luggage!  

  • Pick bright or odd color luggage that stands out among black and brown bags. Know the brand name of your luggage and attach a colorful ribbon, scarf, or decals to give your luggage lots of differentiators. It is also a good idea to take a photo of your luggage and carry it with you just before you go.  A photo can be a big help to lost luggage staff at the airport. It will also help when you have to make a claim, if you have travel insurance. 
  • Attach two or three tags with your name, home address, and phone number to the handle and the zipper-pulls of each bag that you are checking. There is less chance that all of the tags could get torn off during transit. Also remove old airline tags that are still attached to the luggage so you don’t confuse the baggage handlers.
  • Put a copy of your itinerary and your destination address inside each piece of luggage. That way, if they do get lost and are found in time, they could be forwarded to your hotel easily. 
  • Make a list of what you are carrying in your luggage and put that list in your carry-on bag.  Remember, it is best to pack only the things you can afford to lose in your checked baggage.

Lost luggage doesn't have to be a constant worry on your next trip. These tips can help reduce the chances of having to deal with the hassle of lost baggage, or to make your life a little easier in the event it does happen.


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