Students Traveling Alone

You've spent several semesters at school working hard and have decided to take a trip during spring break. You and your friends know where you're going, what you plan to wear, and whom you plan to meet while you're there. But did anyone think about what to do if something unexpected happens while you're traveling? You do research for all your school assignments, so why not for your vacation?

Visit sites like to find out what requirements have changed since you last traveled by plane. Consider purchasing travel insurance to insure the cost of your trip, or travel medical insurance if you're traveling abroad. Secure all your documents, especially passports if leaving the US. If anything were to happen while you're away, having your documents easily accessible will help prevent delays or confusion.

Lastly, remember, being a student may make you more vulnerable to certain situations. So be alert, don't travel alone, and make sure someone else knows where you'll be and when you plan to return. Being prepared before you leave and following some basic steps for safety will allow you to enjoy your vacation and to have fun.


Erma Crock, PMP
Account Executive Nationwide Specialty Health. A member of UStiA through Nationwide Insurance and Co-Chair of the TRIP Advocacy Committee. Fourteen years experience in health and specialty products, including travel insurance.