Summer Travel: How much do you know?

Traveling this summer?  Take our summer TRIP quiz to find out how much you know about travel safety, security, and health.  Test your travel IQ before you go!  Hint: each question is a link to help you find the answer.

1.  How can you recover from jet lag?

a)      Drink coffee and alcoholic beverages

b)      Drink plenty of water


2.  Where should you convert currency for the best exchange rate?

a)      The airport

b)      Your hotel

c)      Your local bank before you go


3.  When departing on a cruise, for extra safety should you pack your computer in your checked luggage?

a)      Yes

b)      No


4.  If you need to use an emergency slide to evacuate an airplane, you should:

a)      Jump feet first

b)      Sit down and push

c)      Keep your high heels on


5.  To help ensure your safety in a new destination, make sure you:

a)      Locate the emergency exit closest to your hotel room

b)      Ask the hotel staff for reliable taxi and other services

c)      Take the hotel’s business card with you for easy access and reference

d)      All of the above


6.  To avoid motion sickness, where should you sit on a plane?

a)      Near the cockpit

b)      By the bathroom

c)      Over the wing

d)      Near the back of the plane


7.  The best kind of sunglasses to wear when traveling are:

a)      Ones with dark lenses

b)      Designer sunglasses

c)      Wrap-around styles


8.  Which types of services do US Embassies or Consular offices provide for Americans abroad?

a)      Resolving cell phone reception problems

b)      Replacing lost or stolen US passports

c)      Issue visas for other countries


9.  If you travel with medication or prescription drugs, make sure you:

a)      Get a doctor’s note detailing your condition and the medication

b)      Leave medication in the original container

c)      Research the legality of any medications, and their restrictions, before you travel

d)      All of the above


10.  Protect your identity while traveling by:

a)      Using a false name

b)      Being aware and vigilant at ATMs and when using a credit card

c)      Leaving your credit cards at home


Bonus Question: What single internet source has helpful information on travel health, safety, and security in one place?

a)      Wikipedia

b)      The Farmer’s Almanac

c)      TRIP


Answer Key:

1.  b  2.  c  3.  b  4.  a  5.  d  6.  c  7.  c  8.  b  9.  d  10.  b  Bonus: c

Check Your Score:

8-10 Correct: You’re a TRIP-savvy traveler!

5-7 Correct: You’re on the road to safe travel

0-4 Correct: You may need a little help—visit TRIP for more information on travel safety, security, and health.