Five Simple Steps to Minimize Jet Lag

After flying for any length of time, you may feel fatigue or irritation, have a bad headache, or experience stomach indigestion. This group of symptoms, commonly referred to as jet lag, is caused when you pass quickly through one or more time zones while traveling by air. Here are five easy steps you can follow to prevent jet lag before and after flying.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated in the dry air inside the plane.
  • Avoid both caffeine and alcohol while en route.
  • Walking in the aisle at frequent intervals during the flight helps maintain good blood circulation. Stretching often, even while seated, helps you retain flexibility.
  • To help you sleep in flight, wear loose clothing and remove your shoes. Wear eye masks and even ear plugs, if necessary. But avoid sleeping pills, which do not promote good circulation.
  • On arrival, expose your face to sunlight to help reset your biological clock. Make a point of staying awake until it’s bedtime at your destination. This helps you reset your inner clock to local time more quickly.