Should I Buy Trip Insurance? You Need To Decide

If you are considering a trip, and have an existing medical condition, you have a limited amount of time in order to decide whether you should purchase travel insurance.  Trip Insurance (there are several types of travel insurance, trip insurance’s primary purpose is to protect the financial investment of a trip) has evolved over time and now has coverage for pre-existing conditions.

This additional benefit is of value to tens of thousands of travelers who have a manageable medical condition but are concerned if something unexpected happens - either prior to departure or during the course of your trip.  Keep in mind, you must purchase the trip insurance coverage within a set number of days, after you’ve paid for your trip (or made the initial deposit).  The average period of time given between purchasing your trip and the coverage is ten days.  If you wait too long, you can still purchase coverage, but the pre-existing condition may be considered an exclusion.  Be sure to read the company’s product brochure to find complete details and verify that existing conditions would be considered covered. 

You’ve spent a lot of time planning for your trip and have a significant financial investment, make sure you are protected by planning ahead.


Seven Corners
Seven Corners is one of the industry's most experienced travel health insurance providers. The company serves leisure, student, business, government, missionary and volunteer travelers. It offers an extensive selection of international medical and travel insurance policies to U.S. citizens traveling overseas or foreign nationals visiting the United States. The company maintains the industry's most comprehensive network of international health care providers. Seven Corners is a member of the United States Travel Insurance Association, is GSA certified and is currently pursuing a SAS 70 Type II compliant designation. The company is privately held and headquarters just north of Indianapolis in Carmel, IN.