Personal Security On a Cruise Ship

A cruise ship is a floating hotel with the population of a small city. As a passenger, you are subject to many of the same risks you would encounter in any place where so many people are in close proximity to each other. In any such group, there is a statistical probability that a certain number of crimes will occur.

On cruise ships, most passengers surrender to the vacation mentality and stop paying as much attention to potential dangers as they usually do. It's a vacation, after all, and the ship feels like a safe place. This attitude makes some passengers more vulnerable than they would normally be at home.

Here are some ways to ratchet up your own awareness when on a cruise ship:

Treat your valuables the same way you would when staying in a hotel. Don’t leave them in your cabin, to which all sorts of service personnel have the key. Put them in the ship’s safe.

Avoid wearing expensive garments or jewelry. These items will attract the attention of thieves.

Don’t reveal too much about yourself and your travel plans while chatting with other people. You may be overheard by an opportunistic thief.

Sexual assault is the most frequent crime taking place on cruise ships. If you are a woman taking a cruise, travel with friends, if possible. Stay alert by avoiding drinking too much. Do not accept a drink from anyone you do not know and trust. Avoid walking in empty or dark areas of the ship. Do not socialize with anyone in your cabin. Meet them in the safer, more populated areas of the ship.