What Do To If Your Airline Tickets Are Lost

Nothing brings home the value of your airline ticket like losing it and having to pay for it all over again. That’s what happens with most airlines, if you lose all or part of your ticket or it is stolen from you. Airline policies regarding lost tickets are enough to make any traveler weep.

Some airlines automatically require you to purchase a new ticket and they refuse to refund or replace the lost ticket under any circumstances.

Even when a refund is allowed, you must first fill in an application, then wait 30 to 90 days, or even longer, before a refund is issued. In the meantime, you must still repurchase your ticket in order to fly.

There may also be a fee charged for processing your refund.

All in all, losing your ticket can really cost you. Which is why travel experts like to harp on the importance of carrying your tickets in the safest possible place. That place is not in the hand, or in the carry-on bag or purse. It is directly on your person, either in an inside pocket, or in a hidden document carrier worn underneath your clothing. Such carriers are available where travel products are sold. Getting used to wearing one may take a few hours,  but it’s well worth the trouble, if it saves you the loss of an entire air ticket.