Verifying Current Conditions In Your Destination Country

Natural disasters, wars, and political crises can occur without warning, creating conditions that make a country unsafe for inbound travelers. Before finalizing travel plans, always know the typical conditions to expect at your destination. Monitor the situation in your destination country up to departure as well. Current information is provided by the Department of State on their website.

  • Country-specific information: 
    Is provided by the Department of State on all countries. Included are the locations of the U.S. Embassy and consulates, health conditions, information on political situations, crime, drug penalties, entry requirements, and currency.
  • A state department travel warning:
    Indicates that the destination has been dangerous or unstable for a long time. When a warning is in effect, it often is triggered because the situation worsens enough to necessitate the closure of an embassy or consulate and our foreign service would not be available to assist Americans who are traveling. If you travel to the destination anyway, and an emergency occurs, you will be on your own.
  • A state department travel alert:
    Indicates that a short-term situation in the destination country is causing a heightened security risk to American travelers. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, a coup d'état, large demonstrations, riots or violence in a wide area, or the anniversary of a terrorist event or a health alert can initiate an alert. A travel alert may include information on how long the situation is expected to last.