What To Do If Victimized While Traveling Overseas

If you are victimized by a crime while traveling in a foreign country, know that American consular officers are available to assist American travelers in emergency situations of all kinds.

Consular officers can:
  • Replace your stolen passport.
  • Get in touch with loved ones .
  • Arrange for medical care, if required.
  • Help you understand the local criminal justice system.
  • Find you an English-speaking attorney in the area.
  • Provide information assistance and compensation if you are victimized by a crime.
U.S. consular officers are located abroad in over 260 foreign service posts. More limited emergency services are provided in 46 overseas cities that do not have embassies or consulates, but do have consular agents on site. If you are victimized or find yourself in an emergency situation abroad, immediately contact the consular officers at the nearest American embassy or consulate.