Tips on Taking Your Cell Phone When Traveling Abroad

Once you own a cell phone, it’s difficult to go anywhere without it. When traveling internationally, a cell phone enhances security by letting you contact authorities immediately, if you are hurt or in physical danger.

Some carriers offer international service that allows you to make and receive calls, check email, and browse the web from anywhere worldwide or in specific regions abroad. In order to use this service, you must have a phone that is technologically compatible with international networks.

Most major companies offer phones with this capability. The phone you currently have may already be internationally compatible, but ask your service provider, before ordering service. It may be necessary to buy a new phone.

Here are some things to be aware of:
  • Your phone will need to be set up technologically before you can use it abroad for the first time.
  • Expect fairly expensive rates per minute when you use your cell phone overseas. Some companies offer international calling plans that cut the normal per-minute rate a bit, but rates can still be high.
  • Know the rate for your destination country before you get there to avoid being surprised by your telephone charges when you get home. Your carrier can provide this information.
  • As soon as you arrive in the destination city, find out the emergency numbers for police and other agencies and program them into your phone, so you’ll be ready for any emergency.