3 Tools To Safely Carry Money/Documents While Traveling

Money Belts 
A money belt can be a very important item to carry when you travel abroad.  There are over 100 variations of money belts and several styles which are specifically constructed for certain situations.  A money belt is designed to look and function like a real belt (it will hold up your pants) and to keep your valuables safe from would- be thieves. 

The money belt contains a zippered compartment, hidden from view when worn, for you to pack your money and credit cards.  Even if you plan to wear a money belt, remember to divide up your valuables between several locations. It’s never wise to put all your money or all your credit cards in one location. 

In case you are worried about being hassled at airport security to remove your belt, there are belts designed to pass through airport screening without setting off metal detectors. These belts (also known as Beep Free Belts) are made of nylon webbing with a buckle that is made of a rigid but security friendly composite material. 

Leg Pouch Money Belt
The leg pouch wallet is another product that will allow you to effectively conceal money or valuables from view.  This item is worn above your ankle on your calf,  and is secured with adjustable straps. 
Usually, the pouch will have multiple zipper pocket areas allowing you to carry a variety of items including money, credit cards, passports and other valuables.

This item is preferable when traveling through high risk areas or if you simply want to remain hands free and not carry a purse or shoulder bag. 

Concealed Neck Pouch
The concealed security neck pouch hangs around your neck and is hidden from view beneath your clothing.  This is the most common type of money pouch purchased, as it has been around for many years.  This option tends to be more popular for men as it is worn flat against the chest.  For women, the neck pouch should be adjusted to hang around the stomach area to prevent it from standing out against your clothes. Because this item is worn underneath your shirt, be careful when selecting a color; tan or beige is often best as it is not too light or too dark. 

What makes this type of pouch so effective is that you can purchase it with an anti-theft security cable. This cable is made of a stainless steel security wire and works to prevent the thief from grabbing the back of the neck pouch and jerking the pouch off of you. If you purchase the anti-theft security cable, you may need to pack the neck pouch in your checked baggage until you have reached your destination to avoid setting off the metal detectors in the airport. 


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