Tips To Protect Your Luggage At The Airport

Airports are full of noises, movement, and other distractions. Travelers are often tired and
easily distracted by the constant movement and noises typical of airports, which makes them easy targets for thieves.

If you don't want to lose your luggage, never step away from it. The best defense is to stay in physical contact with your luggage. When it's beside you on the floor, wrap the strap around your arm or leg. Step or sit on the strap. If there is no strap, place the carry-on between your legs with your feet pressing against it. Or rest your arm on it.

Keep your valuables on your person where it cannot be separated from you. The best places are inner pockets or beneath your clothing.

Before you get up to go somewhere, always take a quick inventory of all important items.  Feel the lump of your wallet in your pocket. Touch your tickets in the inside pocket or in your purse. Slide your hand into our shirt and remind yourself that your money pouch is where it ought to be.

Before walking away, take just a step or two from where you were sitting, then turn around and look to see if anything that belongs to you fell on the floor or was left behind.

Practice being aware of your surroundings: Make a conscious effort not to be distracted by the movement and bustle of an airport, train station, or other public place. Take a moment at frequent intervals and just look around you in all directions. Look at things that are further away, as well as those in your immediate vicinity. Notice what is happening in your immediate vicinity.